Everything should be working now.

Server has been moved to a new computer. Mail server is now up and working. If your are using a old tnet2 install uninstall and use the new installer on the site.

8 thoughts on “Everything should be working now.”

  1. Hello! My name is Karen aka KARE BEAR! lol I used to be addicted (specifically downstack). Just found out Tetrinet2 is up again…I think! I downloaded it, but I don’t know if my account is still active. Also, it reads that the server is not included. How do I get hooked up?? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Your old account might still be there. Some where lost but most are there if its not you can make a new account by clicking on the new user in the client in the bottom right corner.

    1. You should be able to just click where it says new user click here to sign up. That should be working but if its not post in the facebook group and I will take a look and see what is wrong or you can post here but a reply might take longer on this web site since I don’t have the time to check it often.

  2. can’t believe this is up and running, even my old username is there… i can’t manage to join or start a game though, just says error

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