Status of TNET2

Websites up but not complete. Stats,account verification is broken. Forum is down till I have time to set back up. The master server has been up almost the whole time. Except for the hard drive in the computer is failing. For now the best way to make a account it get a hold one the admins and see if the can manually make a account or give you the code needed. I have added the download link back.

12 thoughts on “Status of TNET2”

    1. You need to have at least emails included with the logins. I will be around the computer today so you can make the accounts the normal way from the tnet.

    1. man, i got really happy when i heard tnet2 was up again but i dont think i will be playing tnet2 so soon, counting on 2 or 4 month untill i got acc :S

  1. Hi, I would like an account; I sent an email to the address but no one has replied.
    If anyone can give me an account please reply to this message — I will check back.
    Thank you.
    I’m so glad TNET2 is back up and running; this was my fave game ever to play when I was younger.

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