Server is still up.

Just noticed couldn’t connect to tnet2. Looks like the domain the installer was using is down or gone for good not sure. for now you can change the shortcut for tnet2 to “C:\Program Files (x86)\TNET\tnet.exe” -ms or the location of your copy of tnet2. Also verifier is down not sure what the problem with that is right now.

Mail server.

Any chance there are some old players that could set up a mail server? ┬áPeople still sign up for tnet2 almost every day but normally can’t register since the they can’t get verified. It would need to be a open mail server set to only allow connections from the master server.

Status of TNET2

Websites up but not complete. Stats,account verification is broken. Forum is down till I have time to set back up. The master server has been up almost the whole time. Except for the hard drive in the computer is failing. For now the best way to make a account it get a hold one the admins and see if the can manually make a account or give you the code needed. I have added the download link back.

Webhost/VPS Needed.

To get stats and the account verification working again we need a webhost. That allows connecting to a remote mysql server along with being able to set up a open smtp server that allows the master server to connect to it on a port other than the default. We could also use some game servers.